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Owning your body and taking charge of your health shouldn’t be complicated. With Rachel, it’s simple. Try the app for free and find uncomplicated workouts, recipes and community.

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“Meeting with Rachel for a nutrition consultation was a much better experience than I was anticipating. It was very apparent how knowledgeable she is in the industry, but the approach she takes is what sets her apart from anyone else. She makes it work for each individual lifestyle. She’s supportive and realistic and produces results! Can’t say enough positive things about her!”


These workouts are so good! I am in pretty good shape overall, but have been trying to tone up and get muscle back after years of having babies close together- these workouts have been perfect! They are easy to follow and I can do them with the equipment I have at home. I add a short run before and after just 3 weeks of doing her workouts 5 times per week, I am already seeing good muscle definition coming back to my body. Would definitely recommend!